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on Feb 20, 2016

Last weekend found us eating at a rather classy restaurant complete with wood-panelled ceiling, grand piano and chandeliers, but we weren’t at Tinatin for a date night (although it would be a great choice for that!), we were there for Saturday lunch with the children.

Tinatin ChandelierBack in England, my idea of a family-friendly restaurant was Pizza Express – highchairs, kids menu and colouring. In the last 18 months I have grown used to the idea that in Moscow we can find family-friendly restaurants that go one step further and have small corners where children can play while waiting for their food to arrive. But even so, it felt slightly strange to be in such exceptionally lovely surroundings and still find toys. And Tinatin has a particularly nice childrens area (bottom right corner of the picture below) that includes building blocks, jigsaws and …drum-roll please… some ride-on toys.


There is a reasonable amount of space for riding without getting in the way of the waiters or other customers but I’m always glad that our children tend to eat lunch quite early so they don’t have to share the ride-on toys with more than a couple of other kids!

Tinatin serves cuisine from the Caucusus, so regular readers will know that the Shashlik (Kebabs) and Khachapuri (Cheesy bread) were more than enough to keep the children happy. Meanwhile we branched out and tried a couple of different things. We ordered Phakali which are minced vegetables mixed up with walnut paste and spices to form a pate-like texture. You can see Phakali in the picture at the top of the page – the purple one is beetroot, the white is bean, and the green is spinach. I have no idea if you are supposed to eat it spread on bread or just by the forkful, but the bread option worked well for me. We also ordered Chebureks which are tasty parcels of very thin flaky pastry filled with lamb.

Tinatin playTinatin is at Ulitsa Plyushchikha 58 conveniently situated opposite Skver Devichyego Polya Park so if the ride-on toys haven’t worn the children out you can always take them to the playground after lunch.

Tinatin’s website can be found at  They have an English-language menu and several high-chairs are available for the little ones.

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