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The White House Park

The White House Park

on Dec 16, 2015

This lovely little park is actually called Presnenskiy Detskiy Park but it is known by ex-pats as The-park-behind-the-White-House for the simple reason that it is located immediately behind the large white building that houses the offices of the Prime Minister.

It is a great place to come on days when you are looking for something a bit different. Yes it has the usual climbing frame and swings (including several that have baby-safety seats suitable for babies who can sit up) but what we like the most are the many statues – animals, little people and toadstools too. Beanie-boy thinks that the dragon is great for riding on.

Dragon Statue

and last week he and two friends spent rather a long time giving the tortoises an extensive mud bath (I think the wart-hog statue might have appreciated the gesture more!) and for some reason the tortoises also required wigs made out of grass (!?!).


I’m a big fan of parks that encourage children to use their imagination (Trubetskoy Estate Park is another good place for let’s-pretend games) so I always enjoy taking my little lad here and watching him come up with some new game to play with the statues. I’ve also heard that this is a great park in winter for little people who want to go sledging as there are some nice short gentle slopes of grass at one end. This park has already made it onto our family’s list of regular haunts for warmer weather so we’ll be looking forward to checking out the sledging potential when the snow comes!

The park is located off Konyushkovskaya Ulitsa and you can find the map here.

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