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Skver Devichyego Polya

Skver Devichyego Polya

on Dec 16, 2015

My son recently declared this park to be his favourite place. What sets this park above all others can DSC_0345be found in the playground at the centre where there is a small section of one of the climbing frames where Beanie-boy can pretend he is a construction worker. It has a bucket on a metal chain that your fellow construction worker (today it was Mummy) fills with sand from the nearby sand pit. You then haul the bucket up and carefully transfer it to your platform before pouring the sand down a chute. Hours of fun.

If you don’t have a little builder, there are plenty of other things to do because the small park has two playgrounds with lots of different equipment (and with toilets on site you can easily spend quite a lot of time here). I recently recommended this park to a friend with older children Seesaw for big kidsbecause it is one of the few places I have seen that has lots of things for bigger kids – several tall climbing frames and some interesting pieces like this more grown-up version of a see-saw that spins around the central pole as well as up and down. I’ve often seen students having a turn on it as they walk through the park – and if only I’d been able to discreetly take the picture I would have included one of the young business woman in a fuschia-pink skirt suit who was having a go with a friend this afternoon!

The park also has lots of paths making it great for scooters as well as a fountain and a bandstand/stage. When I explained to my three-year old what the stage was for, Beanie-boy insisted that we put on a concert for the people sitting on the benches nearby. What they thought of the three of us dancing around and singing the Instrument Song from CBeebies “Justin’s House” I really can’t say. Sometimes I think it is just as well that I don’t understand much Russian yet!

The park is located on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Ulitsa and you can find a map here.


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