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Park Pobedy

Park Pobedy

on Dec 17, 2015

Replica Partisan CampThere was one place that we absolutely had to take grandad when he came to visit. For a former soldier, nothing could make a better day out with the kids than Park Pobedy.

Allies StatueThe park commemorates the victory in the second world war and, as well as being full of miltary statues (including this one in memorial of French, Russian, American and British soldiers), there is an outdoor museum displaying military machines galore.

For just 250 roubles there is a lot to see including tanks, planes and ships. It is also great fun for the kids as it includes a network of trenches to run around and a fabulous hidden-in-the-woodland replica of a partisan camp to explore.

There are detailed descriptions of each exhibit in both Russian and English (far more information in English than anywhere else I’ve visited) so even if you don’t have ex-military family members with you, you won’t have problems working out what each item is about.

This park was not just a good choice for grandad, it is also a big hit with Beanie-boy,  we’ve lived in Moscow for just over a year but we’ve taken him three times already.

P.S. there are toilets within the park close to the main entrance and a few cafes (mainly of the fast-food variety) if you get hungry. There is also an indoor museum as well but I haven’t been to that one yet! The park is situated on Kutuzovsky Prospect and you can find it on my map here.

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