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In case you missed anything, here’s what we’ve been up to this month:

When granddad visited, DSC_0486 edwe took him to Park Pobedy  and its outdoor military museum – great for soldiers big and small.
It’s been getting colder and wetter, so we’ve been exploring indoors at the recently opened Living Systems Experimentanium which is a fantastic hands-on-science museum about human biology.

A complete revelation to me was taking my little boy to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Not a place I would have thought to take a four-year old but it actually worked surprisingly well.

imageWe’ve been back to the first family-friendly restaurant we discovered in Moscow, the lovely Bulgarian restaurant, Baba Marta.

And I’ve also been reading Chekov’s short stories and musing about the glorious Autumn season.

You’ll notice one change to the site, my cousin (thanks Jennie!) recently suggested giving the children nicknames to make it easier to talk about them, so from now on you’ll see them referred to as Beanie-boy and Little Pickle.

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