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Museum of Cosmonautics

Museum of Cosmonautics

on Dec 16, 2015

Ever wanted to travel in space? Then this is the place to come. This first-rate museum is packed with interesting things to see from satellites and lunar vehicles to the first dogs to survive space travel (the exhibits do, quite literally, include the embalmed Belka and Strelka). Mir CapsuleYou can see technical equipment used to train cosmonauts (I had to keep reminding myself not to describe them to the kids as astronauts!!) as well as the suit used by the first man to conduct a space walk. If all of that isn’t enough of a reason to come, you can also climb aboard the core module of the Mir Space station.

Combine it with a visit to VDNKh (just across the road) which has a Vostok space rocket and it makes for a great day out.

Space SuitPS: Most of the written descriptions are in Russian but there is information in English on some of the more significant items. However you can purchase an English Audio guide or book a guided tour. The museum is located on Prospect Mira and you can find a map here.

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