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Nebo Trampoline Centre

Nebo Trampoline Centre

  • Author: Katharine
  • Date Posted: Jan 28, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: 80/11 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow

I’m fairly certain that Little Pickle was born with springs in her knees. She doesn’t simply walk or run to where she wants to go, she jumps, hops and skips. On the couple of occasions when she has had the chance to play on a trampoline she has loved it, so it wasn’t hard to figure out that a great morning for our little lady would be a visit to Nebo (it translates as “sky”) trampoline centre. And she was in heaven!

Nebo is situated in a disused warehouse and has over 40 trampolines – the majority on the floor, but there are also half-a dozen that extend up the sides of the walls for practicing tricks. And should you fancy it there are also a couple of basketball hoops placed over the trampolines, plus a massive pit filled with foam blocks for jumping into – which turned out to be Beanie-boy’s favourite part of the whole thing.

We went early on a Monday morning and pretty much had the place to ourselves, there were just a couple of other families and a small group of adults who I guess were taking part in an office team-building exercise. And it is good exercise – really good fun and a great workout. If we lived nearer I would go several times a week because it definitely beats going to the gym.

The team behind Nebo have got a really good operation going, the whole thing is clean, bright and well maintained with good changing room facilities and a café. When you arrive you get given an electronic wristband which, as well as allowing you entry to the trampolines and operating your locker, keeps track of how much time you have spent there and automatically pauses your session time if you need a break for a drink or a bite to eat. The team also ensures that everyone does warm-up exercises with a dedicated fitness instructor by the entrance gate who takes you through a simple warm-up routine before you can begin. If you really get the trampolining bug, there are also regular classes that you can sign up for.

For us, we had an absolute blast. All four of us had a great time and I don’t think we have laughed so much during a morning for a long time – we spotted one woman taking selfie-videos of herself and decided to give that a go. In slo-mo the results were hilarious!

Nebo is at 80/11 Leningradsky Prospekt and the entrance is off Baltiyskaya Ulitsa through the archway between buildings 7 and 9. Nebo’s website can be found at


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