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Kuskovo Estate

Kuskovo Estate

  • Author: Katharine
  • Date Posted: May 31, 2016
  • Category:
  • Address: Ulitsa Yunosti, 2, Moscow

We had only taken about six steps through the gates of Kuskovo Estate when I made one of those minor parenting decisions that you shortly  come to realise was a Big Mistake. “Can I throw sticks in that pond?” asked Beanie-boy. “No, sweetie, let’s go on a bit further and find somewhere else.” He pouted and replied: “But I like this pond”. I looked at the algae-covered water and the steep edge, and (picturing him falling in) said firmly: “No, let’s find somewhere else”. A small decision. But it resulted in approximately 90 minutes with Beanie-boy grumping, whining and generally sulking, which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for our visit to the beautiful Kuskovo Estate. To find out more about our visit to the former home of the wealthiest family in Russia click here.

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