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Black Market Cafe

Black Market Cafe

  • Author: Katharine
  • Date Posted: May 10, 2016
  • Category:
  • Address: Ulitsa Usacheva 2, Moscow

I’m not sure I’ve eaten enough burgers in Moscow to have a definitive opinion on where to find the best, but at Black Market they are certainly very good. And there are plenty to choose from – as well as their classic Black Market burger, there’s also a Mozzarella burger, truffle burger, chicken, tuna, and lamb. But the menu doesn’t just stop there. It has a very nice selection of Asian dishes, and, although I’ve never tried it, I’m told that the weekend brunch is fabulous (I’ve seen the waffles, and they look like they’d be worth breaking a diet for!)


This is one of our favourite restaurants to come to during the summer months. Not only does it have a lovely terraced area (which has table-football to keep Beanie-boy amused while he waits for his food) it is directly opposite Trubetskoy Estate Park so you can burn off those calories chasing the kids around afterwards.

DSC_0705It’s a very family-friendly place (although the children’s menu only operates at weekends). We’ve come before with several friends who have toddlers, and the restaurant easily found high-chairs for all of them. There is also a lady who comes and plays with the children during Saturday brunch/lunch-time. During the winter you’ll find her at the far end of the restaurant, but during the summer she’s often on the terrace near the table-football.

Just one word of advice: the level of hot spice in some of the dishes is not as strong as you might expect (this seems to particularly apply to the Mexican items). But thankfully the menu draws pictures of chilli peppers next to those items that do have some chilli heat in them so you can see if they are likely to match your expectations before you order.

And if you want to sit on the terrace in summer then you definitely need to book in advance.

Black Market is at 2 Ulitsa Usacheva and their website is at

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