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Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures

on Jan 12, 2016

DSC_0576What do you do on one of the coldest days of the winter? Go and see some ice-sculptures of course! At the weekend, we visited the Ice-Moscow festival at Park Pobedy which has a number of ice-sculptures of major tourist attractions including ones of the Kremlin and the Bolshoi theatre.

DSC_0577As regular readers will know, Beanie-boy is fascinated by tools of any kind, so once I told him that sculptures are traditionally made with a hammer and chisel, he was instantly hooked. He spent ages looking at them and I think the only thing missing was a hands-on opportunity to have a go for himself! In fact I’m tempted to freeze a box of ice to give him something to use his toy tools on at home!

The sculptures were very impressive, and people were also having fun sledging on the slopes of the park or braving the nearby ice-slide. There was also a bit of entertainment (dancers dressed as penguins etc!) and places to buy some very welcome hot drinks and snacks. Seeing ice-sculptures in Moscow was one of the top things I had on my to-do list and these were certainly worth visiting. We’ll definitely be back next year.


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