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Elarji Restaurant

Elarji Restaurant

on Dec 17, 2015

We were blessed with some unseasonably hot and sunny weather last week* and so there was one clear winner when it came to choosing somewhere with both great food and a fabulous outdoor play area for the kids – Elarji.

Interior at Elarji restaurantI find it hard to fault this restaurant. We’ve brought several sets of visitors to Elarji over the summer and it has been a huge hit with all of them. The Caucasian cuisine is first-rate, and the comfy but sophisticated décor makes it feel like a really special treat (it would be a lovely place to come for a romantic date). But for our kids the number one attraction is that they get to play in the courtyard garden which, as well as swings and a slide, has rabbits and a goat. Even better, if you ask the staff very nicely they will provide you Feeding Goats, Elarjiwith a bowl of carrots so your little ones can feed the animals. One tip – if you go late on a weekend then the rabbits may not be too bothered about the carrots because lots of other children will already have fed them, but if you go during the week we’ve found they are a lot more interested! There is also a table-tennis table in the garden so there is something to occupy bigger kids too.

The restaurant can be found at 15A Gagarinskiy Pereulok and their website is

PS. If you want a table outside on the terrace in the summer (especially at a weekend), you’ll need to book well in advance. Elarji has both an English menu and a children’s one, as well as highchairs. And it is also worth knowing that the entrance is actually off Khrushchevskiy Pereulok (I walked down Gagarinskiy several times last year and just thought the sounds of happy children were coming from the garden of a pretty but private house!).

*Due to a technical glitch this is dated December but we actually visited at the very end of September 2015.

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