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Café Anderson on Gilyaovskogo Ulitsa

Café Anderson on Gilyaovskogo Ulitsa

on Dec 16, 2015

Frog ToiletI do love it when I spot something a little bit out of the ordinary, and that is exactly what I discovered on our visit to Café Anderson on Gilyaovskogo Ulitsa. To be precise, what I found was this frog-shaped toilet in the children’s bathroom! Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these at home? I’m sure it would make toilet-training a lot easier!

Café Anderson is great for kids, the Gilyaovskogo branch has a large terrace with a lovely play area outside, and then inside it has a children’s playroom with not one, but two, enormous ball pools, giant building blocks, diggers, rocking horses and plenty of other toys as well. It would be a really nice place to come on a miserable afternoon in winter when the kids need somewhere to play and I need a yummy cake!

Raspberry and Pistachio RouladeActually, next time I’ll come with a group of friends because the children’s playroom is at one end of the café down some steps, which means if you have children as little as ours you can’t keep an eye on them and eat at the same time. Much better with a group of friends so you can take it in turns to watch the children while the others have a relaxed chat over coffee.

As you’d expect from such a child-friendly café, there are plenty of high-chairs, a kids menu (lots of the food comes presented in fun ways) and, as well as the frog toilet, there is even a baby-changing table in the children’s bathroom. They also do children’s parties.

The restaurant is at 39 Gilyaovskogo Ulitsa and their website is


  1. Is the frog toilet available for purchasing?

    • I Googled, but couldn’t find one to buy – I can only guess they had it custom made. It would be great fun to have one at home though!

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